Pre-Qualifying For Citi Credit Cards


How To Check Citi Card Pre-Qualifticaion

Consumers can easily check their pre-qualified offers with Citi Bank Online.  Simply visit the Citi Pre-qualification Page to begin the process.  Customers will need to provide some very basic information to get started.

  • Provide your full name
  • Enter your home address
  • Provide the last 4 digits of your SSN
  • Select the type of card you are interested in
Citi Bank Pre-qualified Credit Cards
Citi Bank offers a wide range of credit card options

Once you provide the personal information in the online form you will also be able to customize your offers.  Citi invites customers to select the type of credit card they are interested in applying for.  This would include options such as travel, cash back, low interest, and more.  After you select your desired card type, Citi will review your information for offers you pre-qualify for.

Pros and Cons of Citi Pre-Qualified Offers

Fortunately for consumers, there is very little downside to viewing your offers.  The Citi pre-qualification does not require a hard credit pull.  This means that consumers credit will not be impacted by checking your offers.  Citi will perform a “soft review”.  Soft credit pulls do not show up on your credit report.  If you are approved for a card you will need to complete the entire application including a hard credit check.

Another big benefit of credit card pre-qualification is that you can review credit cards you are likely to be approved for before applying.  Consumers have a big advantage if they have multiple cards you have been pre-qualified for.  This is one of the big reasons I encourage consumers not to opt out of pre-screened offers.

Pre-Qualified Mail Offers

Mail (or email) offers are another source for finding pre-qualified credit cards.  If you have received an offer in the mail from Citi Cards you can also view your offer by providing the invitation code you received.

Entering Your Citi Bank Invitation Number
Entering Your Citi Bank Invitation Number

The Citi Pre-Qualified page is designed for all customers.  Even if you have received a mail invitation for a Citi Credit Card you can enter your information to see if there are other options available.

Citi Pre-Qualified Offers – Does It Guarantee Approval?

The short answer to this question is absolutely not.  During the credit card application process Citi will review your credit history with a hard credit inquiry.  This is the type of inquiry that will be reflected in you credit report.  With this said, if you have been pre-approved, your likelihood of final approval is extremely high (much greater than 50%).

Pre-qualification offers are not based on a full review of you credit.  If you have significant issues in your credit these may come up during the full review of your application.  Pre-qualification offers are especially great if you have had trouble getting approved for credit cards.  You can also review our list of cards designed for consumers with fair credit.  As you build your credit you will find you will quickly begin receiving offers for even the most premium credit cards.

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