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The Indigo MasterCard

If you are a consumer with bad credit you have likely already realized that finding a good credit card is a huge challenge.  The best choice for consumers in this situation are no fee secured credit cards.  However, these cards require an upfront deposit which not all consumers will be able to afford.  The Indigo MasterCard offers a card for individuals with poor credit.  The best feature about this card is that you can check your pre-qualification before applying.  This is great for consumers with poor credit and will give you a much better idea about your likelihood of approval.  The unfortunate downside is that this card charges an annual fee up to $99.

The Indigo MasterCard - MyIndigoCard
The Indigo MasterCard

Indigo MasterCard Features and Benefits

By far and away the best feature of this credit card is the ability to pre-qualify yourself before applying.  The chances of credit card approval is greatly diminished for individuals with poor credit.  What is even worse is that applying for a card and being denied will result in a credit check against you.  This can negatively impact your credit even further.  With The Indigo Card you can see if you are qualified for the card before completing the application.  This will perform what is know as a “soft credit check”.  This will not be reflected on your credit report and will not impact your score.  This is a huge benefit for consumers who are having a hard time finding a credit card.

As mentioned above, the annual fee for this card will vary depending on your credit worthiness.  There are zero annual fee credit card agreements available for the card.  Alternatively, annual fees for this card can be as high as $99.  Unfortunately most non-secured cards designed for poor credit also have annual fees within this range.  While I highly recommend against paying an annual fee, this card can be a useful stepping stone towards improving your credit if no other options exist.

Use Your Card Anywhere MasterCard Is Accepted

It is also worth noting that this card functions just like any other MasterCard Credit Card.  You can use your card online and and in store anywhere MasterCard is accepted.  Customers will also get to select their favorite card design after they have been approved.  Approvals decisions for the card are typically available right away after submitting your application.

Drawbacks Of The Indigo Card

Major credit card issuers like Discover and Capital One offer secured credit cards designed for less than perfect credit.  These cards have zero annual fee.  The downside is that you will be required to provide money upfront to “secure” you card.  The amount you deposit typically reflects your card limit.  While this fee is 100% refundable, not all consumers can afford the security deposit.  Overall, the secured card is a better option but if you are in a bind The Indigo Card is not a terrible choice.

Managing Your Account Online – MyIndigoCard

  • 24/7 account access online with your account
  • Free online bill payment options to pay your balance
  • Paperless statements available to avoid unnecessary mail
  • Registration is required to access your account online

Final Thoughts On The Indigo Card

Overall, this card does provide some utility for individuals who are having a tough time getting approved for a credit card.  The pre-qualification option is great and while the annual fee is not ideal, it is in line with competing credit cards.  If you do decide to get a card like the Indigo MasterCard or another subprime credit card these should be seen as a stepping stone towards a better option.  Cardholders need to do their best to keep their balance low and always make their payment on time.  Following simple credit building tips like this will see a much faster impact to your score than you may realize.  Have you had a card designed for poor credit?  Let us know about your experience in the comments below!

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