Capital One SavorOne MasterCard $150 Cash Bonus


Capital One SavorOne World Elite MasterCard

The SavorOne Credit Card is a relatively new offering from Capital One. This card caters towards customers who are looking for a card to create lasting memories (as they state) in the form of delicious food and entertainment.  The Savor Card has newly improved unlimited rewards which means there is no cap on the total cash back your can earn making purchases on your credit card.  There are two huge aspects to this card that make it a popular choice (besides the sign up bonus).  First, the card provides 3% cash back on dining/entertainment.  Second, the card provides 2% cash back on groceries.  Very few credit cards provide this type of cash back program.  Furthermore, all of this is without an annual fee.

Customers may find that they receive an offer to apply for this credit card by mail.  The offer invites them to visit to retrieve their personal offer.  It is quite easy to access your offer but you will need two important pieces of information only found on the letter you receive.  To apply, you will need your reservation number and your access code.  Once accessing the offer site you will find the following form to complete:

To get started, you will simply enter the 16 digit Reservation Number and the 6 digit Access Code.  These are found on your mail offer and once entered you will be able to pull up your application.  The application can complete in just minutes and most credit decisions will be provided instantly once you submit a full application.  Consumers who have a good FICO Credit Score (greater than 700 for instance) will have a good chance of approval for the Savor One Credit Card by Capital One.

SavorOne $150 Cash Bonus For New Customers

If you have decided you are going to be apply for the Savor One Credit Card you need to be aware of the cash bonus available for new customers.  Once you open your new account you will have 3 months to make $500 in purchases on your new Savor Card.  Once completed, you will qualify for the $150 cash bonus.  Overall, this is a very low spending requirement relative to other credit cards.  Because of the cash back and bonus offer, many individuals looking for a new card are strongly considering The Capital One Savor One Card.

Card Features – Savor One World Elite MasterCard

  • As stated above, this credit card does NOT have an annual fee
  • Customer who travel outside of the United States will enjoy no foreign transaction fees
  • Introductory offers of 0% interest for new purchases and balances transfers may be available
  • Cash back on all purchases – percent cash back as follows
    • 3% Cash Back on Dining/Entertainment
    • 2% Cash Back on Grocery Store Purchases
    • 1% Cash Back on all other purchases
  • Cash Back is unlimited – no caps on the amount you can earn back for your purchases
  • This card is issued back Capital One Bank and is powered by MasterCard

Final Thoughts On The Capital One Savor One Card World Elite MasterCard

For a no annual fee credit card, the Savor One credit card provides extremely competitive cash back categories.  Additionally, the low spending requirement ($500 in 90 days of opening a new account) needed for the $150 cash back bonus makes the bonus very obtainable.  Even individuals who do not have high monthly credit card spending can reach the $500 spending requirement.

Capital One is well known for providing some of the more popular credit card offers.  If you are not sold on the Savor One MasterCard (perhaps you do not eat out very often, for instance), The Capital One Quicksilver Cash Rewards Card provides the same $150 bonus with a $500 spending requirement.  Unlike The SavorOne Card, there are no categories.  The Quicksilver Card provides 1.5% cash back on all purchases.  You can also review some of our other top credit card picks to find the right card for you.

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